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Foundry Applications

Another area where Ely Crane separates itself from the competition is in the supply of Hot Metal Delivery Systems. Foundry applications have long been a staple at Ely. Our foundry systems are custom designed for your specific application, utilizing Cleveland Tramrail Super TARCA components.

Our scrap handling and charge cranes, as well as our hot metal carriers have a solid history of reliable service in some of the most demanding foundry environments in the country.

The Ely Crane & Hoist Company has provided heavy duty top running cranes to users in the Great Lakes region since 1940. In 1984 new owners brought extensive molten metal monorail experience into the Ely organization, along with a commitment to provide customers with the best molten metal systems available.

All major assemblies are designed and manufactured/assembled at our facility just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Components and/or assemblies furnished by others are inspected and modified as required for inclusion in the final product.

Overall system design is the most important factor determining overall project success.

The components and assemblies described in Ely proposals are selected based on their rugged features and proven dependable performance. As critical as the individual components and assemblies are, they must be designed/selected to operate together within the system parameters.

Our offers represent a total system, custom designed to meet a customer's unique requirements, consistent with Ely's experience gained from similar successful installations.

In a primary effort to emphasize the lowest price in today's economy, most monorail designers continue to offer "up-rated/de-rated" standard designs for their heavy duty applications - this philosophy has caused experienced users to look elsewhere for their heavy duty systems.

Ely continues to design and provide heavy duty monorail systems built from Super TARCA components - many specially modified and/or re-designed to provide even better durability.

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Foundry Applications


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