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About Us

Since 1940, Ely Crane & Hoist Co. has consistently strengthened our tradition of furnishing premium quality overhead material handling systems to users in the Great Lakes Region. Ely Crane & Hoist can provide the vital link in the chain of high productivity.

We offer the following:

  • Custom Designed, Top Running Bridge Cranes & Trolleys
    CMAA Class A through F
  • Under Running Cranes & Monorails utilizing Cleveland Tramrail patented track, MMA Class A through E
  • Molten Metal Transfer and Delivery Systems
  • Electric Wire Rope and Chain Hoists, HMI Class H1 through H5
  • Jib Crane, Workstation Crane & Fall Arrest Systems
  • Complete Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services for existing overhead material handling equipment.
  • Repair Parts and Rebuild Services for most major overhead cranes, hoists and monorail systems
  • Concept Design and Development for overhead handling systems.
  • Engineering Analysis of existing overhead systems
  • Installation, Modernization and/or Upgrade Services
  • Electrification, Festoon and Radio Control System design and installation.

Our quality oriented values are demonstrated by our entire staff and exemplify the individual pride of craftsmanship and overall care taken from initial engineering through final assembly. No set of specifications can quantify those special "intangibles" that ultimately determine a "successful" project. We are not just another manufacturer offering modified generic designs dictated by high volume market forces. Ely Crane continues to provide products designed and manufactured for specific customer needs. Our total responsibility is to the customer. Our reputation rests solely on how well we meet our customer's needs.

Crane efficiency and reliability are critical to the bottom line of production goals. All Ely systems incorporate conservative design criteria, emphasizing extended life and component durability. We are committed to provide the technical expertise, the full benefit of our experience and quality construction methods that will give you the performance that any expenditure deserves.

If you are considering a new overhead material handling system, our innovative ideas and multi-faceted product lines might be just what you need. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your material handling requirements.

Ely Crane & Hoist Co.
8171 Tyler Boulevard
Mentor, OH 44060

Phone 440-205-0060
Fax: 440-205-0065



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